Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Marmot Holidays!

This holiday season, Team Marmot gathered round at UCLA to make some holiday treats! I was in the middle of cutting snowflakes out of paper when inspiration hit. Let's make cookies in the shape of marmots.

I am proud to say that my sister is a professional artist, but sadly my skills are not quite up to par these days. Nevertheless, I set-off to make the perfect marmot cookie, biting off the edges of the Christmas star to make a marmot face...

My co-workers were quick to point out the fact that my creation looked a bit more like the face of a badger or even an owl than that of marmot, but you be the judge!

Social facilitation is a strong force in the natural word, and one innovation can often invite others to join in on the fun. Within moments, Julian was on his way to creating a marmot out of a tower of Rice Krispies treats and caramel popcorn.

Finally, a true work of art indeed!

Still others, like Tina and Nicole, went on to create traditional works of beauty out of the tree shaped cookies.

I, of course, decided to carry-on and turned my Christmas Tree cookie into a sleeping marmot splayed out on a warm summer afternoon (or a road kill marmot depending on your vantage point)!

Happy Holidays from Team Marmot!

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