Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marmots (and Researchers) in the News!

Several members of the marmot team were featured today on the web...congratulations to Dan, Tina, Julien, and I (Amanda) for our publication on "Heritable victimization and the benefits of agonistic relationships"!

Photo taken by Tad Arensmeir

The article was officially released today, and was accompanied by some news coverage. These short, snappy pieces provide a nice overview of the paper, as well as comments from other scientists in the field. Check out the links below (as well as my blog entry "Popularity contests") for some fun discussions of marmot relationships.

Read the original article:
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Read some of the popular press coverage:

New Scientist
Science News

Cosmos Magazine
Live Science
UCLA Newsroom
Asian News Online
Yahoo News
U.S. News & World Report
Discover Magazine
Discovery News
Wired Science
Red Orbit

And my personal favorite...posted on Wired in response to the Science News article:

"Wow, some researcher really wants to blame his parents for a sad high school experience. People probably made fun of you because you followed small rodents around writing about their social lives instead of focusing on your own."

The truth hurts :)

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