Friday, April 29, 2016

Geoffroy introduction!

Hello I'm Geoffroy Saint-Aimé, a French student and temporary member of the marmots team!
I am at RMBL during this spring to develop one of the requisites of my Master program.
It's a great opportunity to work at RMBL, and observing the marmots emerging from hibernation and interacting. I am being advised by the Professor Daniel Blumstein to look into the socials effects of emergence on marmots, relations between emergence and dominance among socials animals.

Coming from France, it was a great adventure to live in the US, and going in a snow-mountain was a kid's dream. Acclimatization to the new conditions of altitude and temperature was really rough, but I'm enjoying the snow. I really appreciate the life here and the landscape, it's a new horizon for me. I will not be here for long, but I had already a great experience by meeting foxes, deers, and of course marmots. This experience is a great personal achievement and is improving my scientific skills. I am with Gabi and Ana, two exceptional members of the marmots team, and thanks to them I was able to learn several interesting things about marmots and some good stories about RMBL.