Friday, November 26, 2010

Meet Team Marmot: Julien Martin

I am a new postdoctoral fellow in the lab. I am interested in the impact of climate changes on the evolution of traits of yellow-bellied marmots.

I have done my M.S. on personality in wild chipmunks under the supervision of Pr. Denis Réale. My main interest was to establish if individuals differed in their behavior in a stressful situation and how these differences were related to hormones and human disturbance.

For my PhD, I worked on reproductive strategies of bighorn sheep females with Pr. Marco Festa-Bianchet. I was interested in how adult females allocate energy to reproduction or to survival under different conditions. In few words, bighorn females always favor their own body condition and survival over the ones of their lambs.

Photo taken by Alice Branbilla.

Because I have not yet done any field work at RMBL, I do not have any photos with me and a cute marmot. However, here is a picture of with a male bighorn lamb of 4 months back when I still had a beard (--luckily lambs grow much faster than does facial hair).


  1. Julien, My gawd! What hell are you doing to that poor animals? Clearly you are not animal lover but rather to abuse on poor animals. No? Look at that poor animal, the way you tied their legs with strings all tight and covered their eyes with double fabric masks to make sure that animal don't move at all but breath only. Force them do something that they don't want and many things? What kind of person are you? You are truly less human but cruel. I am sorry I am going to report you against animal abuser and many other illegals that you have done. Good day, Julien!

  2. yes i agree, what's wrong with you. I mean, why are you doing this to this animal ?? Are you aware that animal is stress with what you did ! Hiding his eyes and tie his legs ?? Come on, why you do this ?