Sunday, December 19, 2010

Underground Cafe: Are the Badgers Back?

This news is just in from our field correspondent, Billy Barr. Billy lives at RMBL year round and keeps the fieldsite up and running regardless of how much snow and ice the weather brings!

Billy writes, "I came to the office this morning and saw this- quite a substantial digging of the marmot hole next to Johnson Lab. I doubt it got any marmot but there was quite the big pile of debris from the hole the fox dug. If we still had badgers here anymore, then I would think the marmot would be in trouble, but not from a fox as I assume they are unable to dig holes that are deep enough."

Apparently, when the marmoteers are away, the predators will play...

The hole looks pretty deep indeed. Could a fox have done this? Could it be that badgers are in fact be back in town? The jury is still out and we need your help, so please post a comment.

Read more about these carnivores on-line at the University of Michigan's Animal Diversity Website

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