Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weather at RMBL

This is an unusual year, or so the tell me! Apparently, most years, we are already trapping marmots by now, but at this rate, we are just happy to see marmots above ground.

We ski into camp from the neighboring town with all of our groceries and supplies in our backpacks because the road is not yet open. This is par for the course most years during early season, but there is no sign that the road will be opening any time soon. In fact, we will be lucky if it is open by JUNE!

For more about the weather at Gothic mountain check out Billy Barr's website for the current and predicted weather forecast. Over the past 30 years, Billy has created the most complete record of the world's natural avalanches and we are certainly lucky to have him around. Billy is also an excellent photographer. Check out his photo from skiing into town for supplies.

Photo by Billy Barr

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