Tuesday, May 12, 2015

UCLA Science Poster Day

Well, it's been another fun academic year of research and folks working in our lab are now wrapping up.  Each year, UCLA hosts a Science Poster Day to celebrate undergraduate research and this year I'm really proud of our lab's accomplishments.  We are all pretty collaborative here and this work wouldn't be possible without the help and co-mentorship of Jenn Smith, Erin Boydston, Eric Abelson, Matt Petelle, and Adrianna Maldonado. Thanks guys! All but Ari's focus on marmots, but hey, Ari's doing a cool poster so he gets to be a marmoteer too!

Ana Solis & Stephanie Gee

Ari Kazanjian

Brian Dang

Holly Fuong

Jenny Yang

Kate Keeley

Liz Palmer


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