Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kid’s Nature Camp meets our local marmots!

Lilah Hubbard writes:

A very important part of conducting research is teaching the public about what we do and what results we find. One of the most important and fun groups that we teach are the children at the Kid’s Nature Camp located here at RMBL. This summer, Tiffany and I have been lucky enough to spend some time with the camp and show them what we do!

Photo by Julie Byle

Last week, we trapped 4 of this year’s pups and showed them how we identify, handle, weigh, and measure the animals. We also used RMBL’s taxidermy specimens to let the kids see a marmot up close and feel its fur!
Photo by Julie Byle

We each had a lot of fun working with the campers and answering all of their great questions about marmots. One of my personal favorites was a question that came up after I showed the kids how we measure a marmot’s hind foot: “So when will the marmots get their shoes?”

Photo by Julie Byle

And here is a shot of Gothic Mountain from a rainy morning last week!