Monday, May 18, 2015

Beaver Fever

Today while walking through Gothic "town", I got word that a fox was eating one of our marmots. So I immediately ran over and find the fox with a huge...marmot??? in its mouth.

Well, it looked like a really odd-shaped marmot because this thing had a huge leather flap flopping around. The fox was chomping on half of a beaver! This was a really interesting/perplexing sighting because foxes weigh about 10 kilograms at the most while that beaver was probably 20 kilos. So I really doubt the fox was able to hunt the beaver, and it is a mystery to me how she got hold of this enormous rodent lunch. Let's have a moment of silence for the beaver...and a little praise that it wasn't one of our study animals. I need those data!

Also, yes, this is probably the same fox Lilah took a picture of a while back. Foxes are generally found in monogamous pairs that occupy the same territory, so for a while I couldn't tell them apart. But after several sightings and photos of these guys, I am pretty confident that this is the female. I also think she is currently nursing kits because she passed so close to my cabin the other day that I actually saw her swollen nipples (see photo below). Geez have some decency, you vixen!


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