Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Undergraduate Research at RMBL

Summer research has come to an end here at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, so our undergraduate students presented their findings at the annual symposium.

Lilah Hubbard joined us for fieldwork from our lab at UCLA. Her research focused on the effects of group size on social structure in our female yellow-bellied marmots.

Dana Williams from Wellesley College also helped trap and observe marmots, specifically studying how spontaneous movement affects their alert distance and flight initiation distance when approached by a human.

Our lab members mentor students interested in the behavior of animals other than marmots as well...

Seth Kapp from Chaffey College examined how different types of nonlinear sound alter behavior in Lincoln's Sparrow through a playback experiment.

Jessica Whitaker from Southern Illinois University Carbondale was also interested in bird behavior. She tested the nonlinearity hypothesis, investigating whether noise evokes a different response than chaos.

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