Friday, April 22, 2011

April: time to go to the field

Every year by mid-April we start to look for marmots. However, our study site is around Gothic, Colorado and our lab is at UCLA, Los Angeles, California. So April is also the time of our migration from Californian beaches to Colorado mountains. The trip from LA to Gothic is approximately 1000 miles and take two days.
As the landscapes along the road are so beautiful, some of us take their time and enjoy their trip.
I took 6 days to go from LA to Gothic.During the trip,
I slept in Mojave National Preserve,
I drove along the road 66,
I was amazed by the Grand Canyon,
I hiked around Sedona,
and I enjoyed the Painted desert.
Since we arrived in Colorado, we have not see any marmots and we had 2 snowstorms but this is for another post.

Photos by Julien Martin

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  1. Fantastic! So fun to go on your marmot adventures right along with you via these pics.